Sunday, May 26, 2013

It Had To Be Said

When these freaks feel comfortable enough with humans to publically show their affection for one another, then we are in more trouble than I first thought. This monitor lizard problem is getting out of control. Next they will want their own schools. And we all know what that leads to, don't we?

That's right. Smut like this leads to Obama taking your guns. It's starts with the kissin' lizards and ends with you being marched up the street in handcuffs because you object to the government forcing you to watch a gay marriage...while they take more of your guns away. Where does it end?


M. D. Jackson said...

Actually I think they're practicing their audition moves for the WWF.

So it's all okay. Right?

Nathan said...

The one is grateful to the other for saving him 15% on car insurance.