Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Bionic Woman Meets The Bionic Dog

I am digging on this episode with the bionic dog. For a group of smart scientists the lab boys certainly are slow to realizing what really was bothering the dog. Five days to prove the dog can be brought out of his ennui or he gets put to sleep? That is cold blooded my brothers.

And do they really need to play a bad 70s song about friends as Jamie and Max run free in the fields? I do like the multiple bionic sound effects overlaying the music though as the dog chases a stick for a half mile - then bites through it because of course he is the BIONIC dog and has a bionic jaw.

I forgot how much I love me some Lindsay Wagner though. She was delish throughout this whole episode. But no one should watch this story without a box of tissues because it's a tear jerker for the most part. Watching a dog have nightmares about burning up in a research lab as a puppy? That is what passed for entertainment when I was a child? I'm sure I can remember my sister crying for a week between parts one and two.

The fight between Max and the wolf was pretty intense as was the huge forest fire that test Max's ability to get over his fears - all to save Jamie. I really had fun with these two episodes. It was a great way to spend a Saturday night. These are the times that I wish I had a young family to watch these kind of things with. Next time - VEGAS FEMBOTS!!

The dog who played Max was Emmy Bait.
He could play all the emotions of a human actor and more.

I can't help looking at this footage and seeing it acted out by action figures.


Jordan said...

So do you have the Oscar Goldman figure yet, or what?

Kal said...

NO, last time I saw him on EBay he was going for 400 dollars.

Jordan said...


Wings1295 said...

I was beyond excited to find this show on Cozi TV, a channel I didn't even know our cable company started getting.