Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poster Art Of The Week



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I love old movie posters that show you action rather than floating Photoshop faces. I have a page of my pinterest account just for such posters.

With tumblr being bought up by Yahoo, have you considered Pinterest Kal? No pressure, I was just thinking it might make it easily to catalog pictures by subject.

Also I love how its "Journey to the Seventh Planet" and not "Journey to Uranus".

M. D. Jackson said...

All the coolest stuff comes from outer space.

Jordan said...

What's interesting about Journey Beyond the Stars is its's a Roger Corman movie, but the music is by James Horner and the screenplay is by John Sayles (!). Also, it's the movie where James Cameron got his start.

Jordan said...

I meant to say Battle Beyond the Stars. Journey Beyond the Stars was the original working title for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

By the way, Cal: You've never seen The Shining! SEE IT!

Kal said...

I hoped that SHINING fact would slip by you.

I may have to go to Pin Interest if Yahoo messes up Tumblr.