Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Joining The Zod Squad

Can we all just agree that no matter how good or terrible 'The Man of Steel' will be, that Michael Shannon is inspired casting as the evil General Zod? Shannon has such intensity that he can bring everything to the villain that this movie especially needs to be successful. We have all seen the 'Origin of Superman' story before. How they deal with the facts we all already know will be the most interesting part of the film for me. I am a huge Superman fan and they have a pretty high bar to get over if they want to impress me.

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

This past weekend I was cruising around some local garage sales and found a DVD Boxed Set of all the Christopher Reeve Superman movies for a dollar! (Add that with my Superman Fleshicer Cartoons DVD and I could throw some kind of Super Prep-Marathon)

It is interesting how Man of Steel seems built on similar platform the original Superman movie but elaborates on it. I surprised to remember that there was no reference to why he had to go to the Arctic to build the fortress, were he got the suit and why he has to hide his identity, which are questions that it appears the new film will address.

As for Zod, this will likely be the film that gives Michael Shannon more mainstream attention the same way that people recognized Michael Fassbender's talent after X-Men First Class