Friday, February 27, 2015

Jem And The Holograms - First Look At The New Film

I am one of the lucky few who lived during a time when we only had ONE television in the house and 13 channels on said TV. Well only 11 channels because 1 wasn't really a channel and 11 was the French station. This meant we all had to share and compromise when it came to what we wanted to watch. I usually hated what my sister picked because she half made her choice just to annoy me. That is what she was doing when she picked to watch JEM everyday in the 80s. I never complained because to me she had wasted her choice. Instead of hating it like she wanted me to, I loved the program. Sure it was dumb and the music wasn't very good but the hero was a cute girl with wild hair and face paint. In the 80s THAT was what all the hottest chicks looked like...or at least to me they did. Now the studio has released a first look at the JEM and the Holograms (another cool name) movie. Look at the those cloths and that Keytar. The hair could be bigger but it's a long movie. I hope the music is more 80s than modern but these days how would you ever tell the difference?


Sure the music was goofy and terrible and that made the fact that the MISFITS, played music that was deliberately WORSE than that already bad music Jem played. I respect all the creators tried to do while still selling a toy line. I have spoken many times about how this Jem Roadster with FM radio is one of my Holy Grail toy items. Look at how gorgeous that piece is. And that fact that it came from this cartoon makes me love it all the more.


When IDW's new Jem and the Holograms comic arrives in March, the princesses of pop-rock will be sporting a brand new style, courtesy of artist Ross Campbell. Check out the cover for the first issue!

The toys were heavily promoted and were well done for the time.
Many included cassettes of music so you could sing along.

Ah Rio, the Tuxedo Mask of the group.


The Toy Box said...

There is some charm to this movie that has me somewhat intrigued to see it. Probably won't go to a theater, but definitely worth a rental.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hope it does well despite the subject matter.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I never watched the cartoon myself, but I caught up with bits and pieces on the Internet later. I also hope it does well. I loved the 80s and this looks like a lot of fun.