Sunday, October 23, 2016

I Have Figured Out WESTWORLD

Anthony Hopkins is the last human on Earth or a spaceship far away from a dead Earth. The control room even hums like a spaceship would. He made these automatons to preserve the human species or what was most valuable about them - their soul. He wants to achieve an A.I that realizes they are sentient despite their mechanical origins. They pass the Turin test and we become immortal in the Universe. But Hopkins is the only man and his end is near so he needs to advance his little project with key hosts. The good and the evil. The best and worst of all humanity. Delores and the Man in Black are the key. But everyone is an automaton. There are no such things as GUESTS. This western theme was used because the man who invented everything was a fan of that time in Earth's history. Everyone is a part of his vast tableau. The stories are irrelevant. Just the reaction to crisis that each human deals with differently.

I am loving this show because of all the little things that happen when the same day is repeated over and over again. It's a genius of construction that reveals just enough to keep me interested. I want to know what happens. I know the finale can in no way live up to the high concept but I can always have hope. This kind of show gives me hope.



DrGoat said...

Sorry I'm missing this. Don't have HBO. Have to catch up when it hits Netflix or Amazon.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's a thinker but a good thinker.