Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursdayss From The Toybox

This was the greatest mobile game of the 80s. It was so simple but on a long bus ride it was your savior because you could play it for hours.

A great game to play with cousins and a sister who you hated to send back to her base but you did it anyway because she was a jerk at every board game.

Charlie's Angels

Who knew the Phantom was such a fashionista?

You would NEVER see toys like this anymore but there was a time you could kit yourself with some pretty sweet weapons. We would call it playing GUNS and we all had this stuff, plus homemade bows and arrows, rubber knives and one shot used bazooka guns that our dads gave us from work once they were done shooting them. Basically it was a tube with a site and a trigger but it was so cool for us to have one.

One of my favorite child hood games. What other board game could you play in the dark?

I almost want Trump to win so that civilization will end and we can finally have the Humungus in charge like it was meant to be. He's got the plan for us all.

My favorite Monster High girl. Abbey Bominable.

Anything Evel is toy collecting GOLD!

Love these DC Bombshell Girls.
So cute and great tin can packaging.


DrGoat said...

I totally agree about the toy weapons we had way back when. I had anything that would fire a cap. Can you imagine then selling caps now?
We used to get a whole roll, smash it with a BFR. Kapow!

Dr. Theda said...

"Green Ghost"...!!! (was able too get the 3 doors and the (Tree, Ship & House) a couple of years back).. Great post..!!