Monday, October 31, 2016

Sugar Skull Girls For Dia de Los Muertos



It's why I love my Skelita Monster High Doll.



DrGoat said...

The Day of the Dead procession is this Sunday evening here in Tucson. People, including us, write down the names of people and pets we have lost on pieces of paper. All the 'prayers' are then put in a giant wooden cauldon, hoisted up into the air about 100 ft. and set on fire with some other pyrotechnics going on. Very moving. A lot of the people have lost loved ones and pets very recently, so it is very cathartic. I'll email you and show you the prayer form you can print off of their site. I would be honored to add the Admirals name to it along with our lost but not forgotten people and pets.
This site has some good images under the View tab.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You did that when my father passed. I was honored them and I am honored now. Thank you my friend.

DrGoat said...

The honor is mine. I've got your back.