Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Saga Of Sophie The Runaway Kitty Comes To A Happy Ending

What a great day. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Sophie the Runaway Cat would come back to see me. After a summer of running away every time I tried to get close she let me pet her the other day. That was where I found her phone number on her collar tag. That is the lesson here today. Tag your animals so that someone can return them if they get lost. I called the number on the tag and told the nice lady that I have seen her cat. I am so happy to have finished the job for her.

So today Sophie came by right on cue. I sat there and lured her with my charm and whisked her into the house before she knew what was happening to her. Of course she started howling like we were going to kill her. You can hear the fuss she made.
But soon I sat her down and gave her some lovin and she calmed right down. I think she was missing the human attention after three months on the run. You can see how much she is loving the interaction. I felt so good to have that time with her. I needed to give a good scratch to a kitty as much as she needed to get one.
When the nice people came over to pick up the cat she knew exactly who her human mommy was right away and sunk into her arms. The hardest thing we had was getting Sophie into the cat carrier. I feel so good about being about to save this one creature and get her home where she clearly would rather be. The streets are a tough place to live day after day.
Her Rumspringa is over. Back to the Amish community with you.
My princess Sophie is back home after almost exactly 3 months missing!!! Beyond happy to have one of our family back safe and sound! I am super grateful to a gentleman by the name of Calvin for making this possible! Truly blessed today


DrGoat said...

Good job Cal. I think she would have fit nicely in the Cave, but home is where the heart is. Admiral approves.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh. A happy ending is it's own reward.

mshatch said...

You rock, Calvin! I love when kitties get back home :)

Oldscot said...

Truly a happy ending, great job Calvin.

Jonathan Linneman said...