Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Amazing Hand-Painted Movie Posters By Legendary Thai Artist Tongdee Panumas

Panumas’ posters are exuberant, appearing as though they could at any moment leap off the page thanks to Tongdee’s masterful use of color, composition, and realism. The artist is also adept at utilizing every inch of his canvas—such as his jaw-droppingly epic poster for Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 Vietnam war film masterpiece, Apocalypse Now which is pictured in all its hypnotic glory at the top of this post. In 2012, an exhibit called Eyegasm: The Art of Thai Movie Posters showcased Tongdee’s posters as well as those of another wildly talented Thai graphic artist, Somboonsuk Niyomsiri (aka “Piak Poster”) in order to help shine a light on the art form that has sadly experienced a huge decline over the last decade or so.




Spyda-Man said...

The Return of the Living Dead poster is SWEEEET!

DrGoat said...

Have to respect anyone that puts that much effort and time into something like that. They are pretty neat.