Sunday, May 21, 2017

I Love That Everyone Does Some Kind of 'Art'

My NYC brother Michael Paul makes these great collages. My tribe is full of such creative people. Mike has mastered everything from podcasting to being married and being a great father and knowing where to get the best sandwiches in NYC, organizing huge art shows and now he has come out with a personal project that hits me where I live.

I am a fan of the collage and used the assignment to teach valuable life lessons to kids in crisis. So I know a powerful image when I see one and these make me excited as an old time comic book fan. Check out his page and if you have a certain hero he might do a commission. The best part of Mike's work is that the images he chooses are coming from actual 60s and 70s issues. Yes he cuts them up but I think to create art like legitimately vintage, you need to have the right aged tools to work with. Plus it makes all the other versions of the source comic more valuable.

These are a certain size and I would love to see Mike make a huge mural of all the scarps he has saved. This kind of creativity hits me where I live. I am happy it's a buddy who is putting out this kind of art.




Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very cool!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

A Mister Miracle, using Kirby's art?? Are you freaking kidding me. The KING had a billion ideas but for my money his invention of a kid named Scott Free who fought from the pits of Apocalypse when he was traded for Orion as some sort of peace treaty. Orion was raised well. Scott was tortured but the was very smart and learned how to be a master escape artist. He's a major pain in the ass to Darksied. Collest thing he's based on fellow artist Jim Sterankio who was an amateur escape artist in his youth. Genius can come from many sources.