Monday, May 22, 2017


i knew he would be there. You can't have the Inhumans without Lockjaw. And Cullen Bohanon as Black Bolt? Wow. It will either be a trainwreck or a huge hit. Then they can make an animated Pet Avengers movie. That would be the dream.

Lockjaw seemingly has "super-canine" strength in his jaw for a dog his age and size. At one time, he locked on to the Thing's arm and the Thing could not get him to let go. Lockjaw can also teleport himself, and nearby living creatures and matter to anywhere he wants, from the Earth to the Moon, and can even open passages between dimensions. Energy barriers that are seemingly impenetrable to others seem to pose no problem to him. Lockjaw also has the ability to psionically trace a given "scent" across dimensional space.




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