Saturday, July 8, 2017

Anna Navarro Is An Absolute BAD ASS

She is my new hero. Valentina Tereshkova level hero which as you know is only reserved for the best of the best. While everyone around her are twisting themselves in knots trying to explain why Trump's actions are okay she tore into him like a mother lioness chews out the throat of a gazelle. Now she is a must get for her opinions and how she expresses them. She is perfect for the shows on the hours that the networks have to fill with programming that targets a particular demographic. This show on CNN is for the gals and their issues. Anna Navarro is a solid contributor to the conversation for the Right. She is a pro.

Early on, Anna Navarro was one who had had just about enough of trump's shenanigans. I hope she was on her period when she had her revelation or 'come to Jesus moment.' I don't know what that has to do with the moment but I like to think that she is just MORE Woman 3 days a month. Those are the days when a girl would cut a bitch for just looking at her funny.

Now my Latina Sister Girl couldn't just be a mouthpiece for trump even if she is in the President's party. She is a republican. She is a LATIN Republican in a party that is not known for being champions of Latino issues. She is a woman with an accent because she is bilingual who speaks beautifully on television. She talks fast, doesn't stammer or need to take a breath. She just opens herself to the Goddesses of truth and justice and she lets if fly. I appreciate her no bullshit tone. She gets to the point with a voice that doesn't make me want to tune out after five seconds of her balloon juice like most of the other nameless faces that comment on cable news.

But Anna is not a Republican bubblehead asking us all to be nicer to the President so he won't be so angry around the White House. It's almost like trump is an abusive boyfriend who they don't want to upset because then the wheels come off the cart. Tell the world that he is a good boy and a strong boy and he will find favor with you. You do anything else and you will feel his wrath. Why do you think even his own wife doesn't want to be around him? You girls gotta get your shit together with that bullying bullshit. Too many guys lucky to be in a relationship should be nicer to their best girl. That's all I'm saying.

So when Anna became one of the first Republicans to forcefully point out that the Emperor doesn't have any cloths on. After the whole Mika Tweet she hit him so hard with a modern day bitch slap that you would think that she was tearing her own teen son a new asshole for some shit that he got into. I sure that she takes herself to that place in her mind to talk to trump like you would talk to a dumbass teenager who was acting like a fuck-up and that he needed to check himself or she would do it for him. Now a teen boy will straighten the fuck up because he doesn't have the life experience to know that in the future he will be grateful that she was so tough on him because it helped him be a better man. After 70 years of being a first class, grade A, gold plated, book stupid, media whore maggot trump has never learned that lesson and certainly WOMEN don't talk about him like Anna Navarro of HIS OWN PARTY talks about him. You know it gets to him but he is so intimidated by women (which is why he so cruelly bullies them when they publically say anything negative about him. Now that he has Twitter he can comment to the WHOLE FUCKING PLANET whatever butterfly has caught his attention for that second and distracted him from the job of being the FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Goddamn. Come back to us President Obama. Come back.

But why would he attack sweet Mika. Mika is awesome and I like that she and Joe are an item. She is loose as a goose just doing a morning show with her boyfriend. Mika was a cruel target. Trump crossed the line and this will be remembered as the moment when his loss of the Presidency began. The Mika Moment. Hey, that's not bad. I invented it.

That girl in the middle made me crazy. Every time she used the words AMERICAN PEOPLE I cringed and tossed some oranges in the freezer for that time when I meet her. But Anna is GOLD. GO GIRL GO.

"You have to stop acting like a mean girl" is my new favorite trump put down. MEAN GIRL perfectly describes trump.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Drinking the orange kool-aid" LOL!

GC said...

Ana Navarro, who is Republican, is correct in that Trump's mid-night tweets are distracting to the important issues. The President does it to himself. But perhaps he does it because he knows it distracts from things that aren't working.