Friday, July 14, 2017

I Only Need These To Eat Their Brains and Drink Their Blood After I Murder Them.

It's ironic that the bowl and cup made me think about REALLY killing them in the first place.

And I can do this all for only 50 cents and a bag of frozen oranges. I already had the crowbar so I also save money there. For 4 freaks I kept the cost for murdering them at under 10 dollars. It's why I got the contract in the first place. I outbid every other Banana Split hater for this chance to end the madness and save lives if they escape in their little buggies from the abandoned amusement park that they haunt. Why is no one ever there when they are around? Because people no longer visit this park since the murders. But the Splits stayed behind because they felt responsible for their 'Guns For Smiles' promotion at the park. After that bloodbath, Bingo was never the happy free wheeling ladies man he once was. His internet porn addiction was his real downfall. Lousy prevert.

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