Thursday, November 23, 2017

Miss Universe Costume Contest 2017

Is it that time of the year AGAIN?? I am actually exited to see what Canada put out this year. Oh and once again, there is no contestant from OFF planet in the Miss UNIVERSE pageant. Just saying. Can a brother get a green girl up in this mutha?
Canada (sigh). Let me guess.
We are the snowflake one?
Cayman Islands - Let me guess. I can see Parrots there.
Costa Rica - Goddess of Fire
Dominican Republic
Ethiopia - Love the coat. It's so easy to go overboard with one of those things.
Guatemala - Spin for your spot in the Showcase.
Honduras - I like most when these costumes look like ethnic super hero girls.
Israel? You do realize that there was a movie called WONDER WOMAN out there this year, right? This is almost copyright infringement. Yes I know the beloved Gal Gadot is almost a national hero in Israel but this is a bit much. But I could be wrong. Maybe Themyscrira is near Tel Aviv. Who knows?
Korea - I like how a woman with HUGE feet can still be in a beauty contest.
Once again Myanmar totally misses the point of a DRESS.
Nambia - But if you are to subtle, how will I EVER get  your point?
Nepal - Sometimes a hat completes the outfit.
Netherlands - Now you know that someone made this the night before the competition.
Nicaraugua - No way she carried this in her carry-on bag.
Norway - Were you working with Israel? You do know there was also a movie called THOR this year?
Peru - Video game characters are always popular.
Puerto Rico
Romania - All I ask is that you TRY!
Saint Lucia - My name is Groot.
Spain - You do know there is a super girl name Zatanna, right?
Thailand - This is the winner for me I think I like the whole puppet thing they got going on here. Despite common opinion I do not hate puppet shows. I just hate BAD puppet shows but the Thai know how to do puppetry right.
USA - I thought you guys didn't believe in science?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Gawd, these costumes are always so tacky. I like the Fire Goddess best.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

She could be Hela's sister.