Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Punisher - Episode Three

Episode three gives us a look at Micro and how he became a ghost like Frank. Through torture and conversation he and Frank bond over their collective misery. The acting here is amazing as is the writing. I could watch John Bernthal as Frank Castle all day long. If he doesn't win an Emmy for this role then the Emmys are worthless. Every word he says has meaning and every look of pain on his face speaks volumes about the depths of misery he is in. I can just swim in all that ennui.

This show is smart and thoughtful and talks about important things. The struggle of vets who have seen senseless violence is real and heartbreaking and the show doesn't shy away from the tough questions about what men are forced to do in war. The sheer insanity of war. In lesser hands that could come across as preachy but not here. It's tough stuff but all the best conversations worth having are always about tough stuff.

The battle scenes from Afghanistan are thrilling. Nothing like one motivated marine against a whole village of Taliban assholes. I hate to admit I loved watching all the bodies pile up. I wanted to see Frank kill them all and damn if he didn't do just that. It's nice to see a show that is stingy with it's graphic violence, especially with a title like The Punisher. But when it does appear there is no mercy given. It's raw and it's brutal and any experience like that would mess your head up something fierce.


DrGoat said...

Good show. It's normal in my world to want to see evil people being deceased. And in an entertaining fashion.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I love the way that when the shit goes down it REALLY goes down. No innocents were harmed in the making of this show...except maybe the Afghan cop Frank shot.

DrGoat said...

You know it.