Friday, December 22, 2017

Fuck Trump

After watching everyone kiss his fat ass this afternoon I am surprised someone in the room didn't offer himself up as human sacrifice. It was embarrassing to watch but the best part. The VERY best part is that it's all there for the world to see. We can show it to them over and over again at the midterms. They will never live this down.

 So what do we do? We shake our head and settle in for a long fight. The good thing is that we are fighting against morons with egos and they will eventually eat each other.

If this Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight are in charge then you Hillbillies are well and truly fucked.

But you people who can see how dangerous and stupid Dear Leader is then fight back in little ways now because this trainwreck will not end well. As Luke told us all - This will not end the way you THINK!" If my beloved American Brothers and Sisters and YES even their Hillbilly kinfolk can't find a way to bring down assholes like Trump, Pence and the rest of the boot lickers then you DESERVE the screwing you will get. This gift to the big doners is all the sad GOP got left. They think they will need a boatload and a half of cash to fight the next election. They certainly can't win on the force of their ideas.

That group of primates think they can control Trump but he's a predictably loose cannon and there in lies our salvation. They will self destruct once they tire of making Trump feel like he is the most special boy in the room.

If you can remember two words and incorporate thatem into your lives then maybe we all can survive this with some dignity. Did I remind the retards in Washington that VIDEO IS FOREVER. You can't unring the bell. I am embarrassed for you. You sold out to DONALD FUCKING TRUMP. Think about that Mitch. Think about how you sucked his dick today in front of everyone. How do you live with yourself?

Oh and those two words I told you to remember? Of course they are FUCK TRUMP!

Oh and thank you Mr Goodwin for giving me a perfect out to my rant.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Trump toadies don't care so long as they're getting rich.

DrGoat said...

I'm afraid that's the truth. Bunch of people getting a lot richer next year, and it's not the middle class.

dan muray said...

I am not a Trump toadie but I do like some of the things he has done---none of the past politicians have done anything for anyone but themselves---least Trump is spreading it round as the past years have destroyed the middle class--say what you will but I support him for now----this will not end the way you think is appropriate--it is and has always been about the dollar