Saturday, December 23, 2017

I Only Remember The Way It All Ended

I wonder if the puppets saw it coming at the end. I half want them to be surprised because waiting for Mr. Dress-Up to finally snap would have been intolerable. They knew he was unstable but they hid his secret for decades. They actually had a lot to do with what happened to them that day. If they had gotten him help, maybe heavy medications or a gluten free diet, they would still be working in Children's Television. I was TWO when this show started on the CBC and it was must viewing for the toddler in MY house. So understand it's hard for me to see them all so young and happy. This is the way I want to remember them. The Tickle Trunk should bring joy - not be the last resting place of all the piece of puppet that they could recover that day. But they never found Casey's head. What the hell did he do with the HEAD??

But I stopped being 'inspired' the moment that machete started cutting into puppet felt and didn't stop until the screaming in Mr. Dress-up's mind went away. He should have never dressed up as a member of the Viet Cong with clothing from his 'tickle trunk'. He might not have been holding the machete when he snapped if he had dressed as a sheep or a clown maybe. Who knows why he did what he did to those two workmates. Some say it was PTSD. Some say Casey and Finnegan were up to some shenanigans with Columbian drug lords and Dress-Up came across their scheme to sell that poison to kids. We will never know the truth. All we know is that after that day nothing was ever the same. Excuses had to be made. Puppet stuffing had to be vacuumed up and everyone had to sign non-disclosure agreements. They buried the truth because it would have brought the whole country down. It's the darkest scandal of our past. I know what I know because I know it. That should be enough to convince you that it's the truth. Canadians have no reason to lie about such hurtful things.

Stop living in denial!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You've convinced me, Cal!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

My theory has the advantage of having a solid foundation that COULD be true. You don't see those puppets to this day do you? Where did they go? I heard nothing about a trip before they suddenly disappeared. It's not a pretty story but a cautionary one. Working in Children's TV will make you mental.