Monday, March 26, 2018

An Open Letter To The World About The End Of The Geek Fallout Podcast That I Once Did Almost Weekly

I need to talk about the end to my podcast show over at Geek Fallout. You know the POSH POSH that I had been doing for about three years now, and doing well? Well it's done and I am out without even a heads up from my boy. Even new management wants nothing to do with me. They know I know that they know that I was on the show. But they never bring it up. I think I was owed just tiny explnation and a chance on air to say goodbye. I am sure I will sound just like Erik the Midget with this letter but this is my rant against another injustice done to me as an artist. I am starting to think that I am the reason.

Just go to the Cave of Cool to see my body of work and MARVEL at the fact that NO Pop Culture podcast has picked me up for my ability to deliver interesting and relevant content in a delightful manner. After I was tossed like expired dairy without a single conversation about the choice Chris made to shut things down with a single podcast without telling me it was happening.

I know about how his life is going right now. I know the personal stuff he is dealing with trying to be a great Father and Husband and writer and employee and Star Trek Lover. All this time holding together a podcast that I joined after most had jumped ship. Sure I probably pushed some out by my poor social skills but I was raised by wolves in the wilds of Manitoba so what do you expect. I know most people I podcasted with all those times must have just hated that I was there. I thought I was adding to the conversation and I hate dead air. I thought I knew my stuff. I thought I made very interesting jokes about things I hated. My rant against TROLL DOLLS and especially a whole movie about them is a classic not to be missed.

But again. I was just dead to Chris one day. I thought we were digitally tight. I loved that he made time to let me share my opinions with another equally geeky person like myself. I think we did good radio together. And the production values and edits Chris provided gave the whole operation class. I was proud to be allowed on as much as I was. I would like to say I was a co-host in a way.

Then one day I no longer existed. I still don't get it and I am hurt to my heart. I don't share my life with ANYONE because I find dealing with most people to be enormously tedious. I am not a good friend or even aquaintance. I have nothing to offer you in the real world. Trust me. I have been abandoned by groups of people who I grew up with. People who I remember everyday but I can never connect with them about anything becasue I am dead to them too. I am dead to most all of my family. They lurk on facebook of course but they never give me a like or a mention. Again, it's a good thing I halfway appreciate being ghosted for decades. Saved me the aggravation of caring about them anymore. I can compartmentalize a lot of that stuff in my brain so it hurts less. I wonder if they think of me ever with anykind of fondness?

Will all those podcasts I did with Chris just disappear too? Again, none of what I created with him will ever exist. But I will know it happened. I still have the jpegs and the t-shirt that has my name on them. In the Age of Information you can never banish me forever.

Why could that be, do you think? What makes me so evil? A cat will live with me so I know I am not one of those bad mythological figures.

If you have read this far and actually care about any of this just listen to any of the dozens of Geek Fallout shows I did over the past years. Not a single BUM in the lot. NOT ONE. I defy you to NOT be entertained if you live the subject matter like I do. But once again even work that I am personally proud of (and I have high standards for my art in whatever it's form) is not good enough and must be disgarded instead of used to make any relaunch stronger.

Did you know Geek Fallout did a SECOND podcast after the first podcast that broke my heart to pass on the franchise so someone else and I still wasn't invited to say a goodbye. Ask some questions. Maybe hear a 'Thanks buddy" from Chris for all those shows when it was just me and him. I guess I was just a body in a chair. You could have relaced me with a talking monkey.

But I have always done my own thing anyways so it's the will of the Force that this all happened I am probably way to sensitive about these things but there are few people who even choose to interact with me online. Those few who I connect with mean alot to me. I tried to do my best. Thank you to those who podcasted with me and made me better just by your mere participation. I know I am an aquired taste. I mean the cat is still considering her options between leaving and staying. I am sorry for letting you all down in anyway that I did. I will still be a little bitter for awhile about this subject so don't ride my ass. I could appreciate any CONSTRUCTIVE critique you might have lest I make you cry in my reply.

Thank You



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sad and painful experiences like this are so unfair. I'm sorry you're feeling such heartache right now. Life and people can really suck sometimes and ain't that just the truth.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am used it sadly but I thought I was there for a reason and not just for pity.

nolan said...

You should totally start your own podcast, bro. Besides the editing, how hard could it be?
I (and I'm sure many other readers of your blog) would gladly listen to you weigh in on what's hot on Pop Culture Planet (gimme credit if you decide to use that name lol).
I hate overlong podcasts (eg. Joe Rogan experience) so 15-20 minutes twice a week (or a half-hour once a week) is all you need.
Every other week a long-time reader could be your co-pilot on the show.
Believe me, there are plenty of people who read your blog who would love to collaborate with you.
This could be your new hobby (apart from the blog, I mean).
The best thing is, you probably have the hardware (a decent mic) to start right now.

tbh I'm really surprised you haven't launched your own podcast by now.

As Rob Schneider would say: "You can do it!"

geekusdei said...

Completely agree with starting your own podcast - do it! You never know someone's motives behind something either - if you really want to know, ask Chris. Sometimes its better to know what happened rather than deal with the uncertainty of it all.

DrGoat said...

Cal, dealing with other people is always a challenge. Sounds like there's an Ego problem with Chris. Some people's ego's are so intertwined with their everyday existence that they don't even realize how they are behaving. A substantial percentage of people out there, for some reason, are truly not aware of their own self. Always dumbfounded me.
Your podcast would be something I would never miss. That's up to you.
Also I kind of agree with micheal. Ask this Chris, if that really is his name. From what you say he doesn't seem like he's a complete orc.

Tim Knight said...

Sounds like you got a raw deal there, brother, and you got treated quite poorly. I'm guessing there was "stuff" going on you were not privy to, but even so...

They should, at least, respond to your enquiries or reach out 'behind-the-scenes' to explain why your talents are no longer required.

Chase March said...

Hey Cal,

Venture out on your own. It's easy enough to start a podcast these days. I am sure you would be great. I could talk with you on it occasionally if you wanted.

That ending really sucked but you can be reborn in the ashes.