Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I Must Speak Of The Humungus

I love this guy. I love his management style. He has a lot of responsibilities to provide for his people. It's not his fault that he lives in a world where only the sadistic and viscious survive. You have to be motivated to survive the wastelands. The Humungus understands this. He just wants the gasoline and the pump and the refinery so that he can stop looking for gas. He makes a fair offer but if he has to kill everyone to get what he wants then he will do that. But he does't want that. He has seen too much violence and death. Even he wears the scars under his mask. He encourages his own mythology. He just wants the gas. And he truly cares about his employees. Frankly I could work with a guy like this. I must have some skills to sell him. Just preparing for the end which is coming if my recent dreams are any indicator. Nothing to worry about though. I am occasionally wrong about these things. But pack a GO BAG anyways because you never know.




Debra She Who Seeks said...

He's quite the maniac alright.

dan muray said...

Style but his number 2 man is the real danger........Wez. dan M.