Saturday, March 24, 2018

What I Like To Watch On TV

LIVE PD usually find a theme to go with each live broadcast. It could be 'riding dirty' or like tonight, one guy crapped his pants serveral times after being punched while another person befouled a hotel toilet so badly that the police had to wait outside in the hall while they waited to the warrant. This episide I dub Frabreeze PD. Oh and I am a big fan of these two guys. They bring real life experience and are never shocked by what they see no matter how strange. My favorite buddy act on TV currently. They also have great chemistry on the air and can make us laugh and cry in the same ten mintures. Sticks Larken and Tom Morris Jr have done it all and seen it all in policing. Their insights fascinate me and entertain me and what else can I ask for a live show that is never predictable. That is six hours of something that never bores me or disappoints me because 2/3 of the show is not about a superhero having girlfriend or boyfriend trouble which is why I dumped those CW shows after their frist seasons. In fact, i refuse to watch 20+ epsidoes sesons of any show. British TV figured this out a long time ago. Always leave them wanting more. Even TIMELESS can be goofy but it's FUN and it's only ten episodes so it's all story and no filler which is the way I have evolved as a veiwer. I can't watch everything but I can thin out the ones who expect too much of my time and attention

Now this guy is an idiot. In all the 100 + episodes of LIVE PD I have only seen the officers treated with respect for the hard jobs they do. You can see what they put up with in a regular shift and it's not a job for just anyone. This show CHAMPIONS the best cops who we see doing a great job with difficult people on a nightly basis. I think this guy just was afraid that his cops would come off looking bad because maybe they are shitty cops who couldn't stand up to the scrutiny of live cameras. Want to bet this force doesn't want body cameras either? I can almost guarantee it.

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