Sunday, March 25, 2018

THIS Is Why You Fail Victor Von Doom

I love Doctor Doom. He's a classic villain and so old school that there were no schools to even be old when he was invented. He's a complicated fellow and few have been able to break through his shell. He is proud, vain, arrogant and a genius. Most often he has figured things out long before anyone has thought to ask the qustion. But he has ONE fault and that is his pride which always goeth before the fall.

PRIME EXAMPLE - This is the first panel of the last issue of the 12 issue limited series called the SECRET WARS. It was the first time that Marvel Comics really pitted all it's top good guys and bad guys against each other because a supremely powerful alien called the Beyonder wished it to be so. So over 12 issues the heroes we know and love fought for their lives and more. All these characters went missing from Earth and therefor were also missing from their regular series. It was genius and kept everyone focused on this ONE event and how the Earth was doing without it's mightiest heroes to protect them.

This is the cover to Issue #1 - Drawn by the brilliant Mike Zeck who was red hot at the time. He also drew the first PUNISHER mini-series which also is epic.

Now by the time the final issue came along DOOM had defeated the Beyonder and stolen his power. As you can see her he is all about the threats. He could wipe out his enemies but that is not DOOM's way. He want's them to acknowledge that HE won but the first thing he does with his new found godhood is fix the scar on his face. He is so vain and arrogant that he can't just pull the pin and finish the job. Take over the Universe and reshape it in his own image. Do it NOW. Don't give anyone TIME to defeat you when you are at your most strong. But NO, you can't even do that. You think you have all the time in the world but you DON'T and not to ruin the story but DOOM doesn't leave the story as the winner because once again his character flaws which he refuses to see or work on keep him from his true goal - a world remade in his image like Latveria.





DrGoat said...

He is the embodiment of pride before the fall. What a romantic.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

He's a cutie alright.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That's it. He a tragic romantic figure. He's like both sides of the couple in Wuthering Heights.