Thursday, June 28, 2018

An Update From Command Central

No one has asked me how I am doing these days but I am going to tell you anyways and I will keep it simple. Below is my comment on trying to live a life with love in a world of hate. That turned out to be the question that I needed someone to ask me to really set my head right.(thank Brother Aaron Peters) It's been a tough month and it's not going to get easier for any of us. Be strong for those around you and take an interest in something other than yourselves for just one second.

Calvin Heighton That's the difference. You either accept the evil or you don't. Somethings are wrong and have always been wrong and will always be wrong. We all know what those things are. We just have to find the courage to stand on the right side of that line. It's kinda an easy decision to make really. I am astounded that so many choose the path of hate. Then again I want to bash them all with a bag of frozen oranges so what do I know?


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