Saturday, June 23, 2018

At $299 It's A Bit Pricey

Put this new generation Comic Book Spinner Rack, made exclusively in the U.S. for Diamond, to work in your store!  Research has shown that successful retailers employ interactive displays which engage their customers senses, and nothing does that quite like a comic book spinner rack. This sturdy metal rack features 44 pockets to display over 250 comics in a compact footprint, and is designed to hold either loose or bagged and boarded comics with patented "Dimple Guard Technology" to help prevent damages. Rotates for easy browsing! Perfect for conventions and other off-site locations. Measures 18" x 18" x 60". Ships in one carton with some easy assembly required.

Shipping & Billing Info: Purchase includes free delivery via UPS ground for customers in the continental U.S. (for customers outside the continental U.S., product will be combined with your regular weekly shipment). COD customers will be billed on a future Diamond invoice (no payment due upon receipt).

I would love to find a guy who does metal work to produce a dozen or so of these to sell at farmer's market. I can't think of a single comic book collector who would't want this way to display some of their favorite comics in their den or Man cave. The spinner rock has great sentimental value to many of us as it was the first place that we ever saw comic books in the store.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's right -- comic books were ALWAYS on a spinner rack when I was a kid!