Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Girls Of The Gifted

The Gifted was one of my favorite series from last season. It's a good mutants on the run storyline with fresh characters and old ones you know from the comics. I am most impressed with how the creators have carefully chosen the mutant powers that are easy to film but still impressive. I think it focuses the writers on keeping their ideas in check which is tough to do when you have magical powers to work with.
This show is also full of ennui. So full in fact that even I get tired of it. It's like being a mutant is always a sad and gloomy thing all day long all year long for life. Doesn't anyone take joy in using their lazer beam eyes to take down buildings these days. Even their love stories are full of gloom and doom.
But that is par for the course in Mutant America. The show is very good and the female characters are very strong. You know that kind of situation will always get my attention.

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