Saturday, March 28, 2020

If You Still Are Not Convinced That trump Is Not Fit To Be President Then You Are A Retard Who Has To Wear A Hockey Helmet Because Your Skull Is Soft

He extorts you and your fucking tough as nails hillbillies are acting like pussy ass bitches. Yeh I said it. And your trailer needs a screen door for the summer to keep the bug outcha house. FUCK. Why do you allow this cartoon to continue. How can the man stuff 14 people into a room at a time of social distancing and NOT die of this plague? Now he wants Governors of states that have the potential to be devastated to kiss his ass first. FUCK HIM. This is beneath the dignity of the office. He is unfit in so many ways. WHO will be the one to say the Emperor has no cloths? No one because for all your big talk, you Yankies are pussies and you southerners are racist and pussies. You are useless to me. You deserve the leader you got. Thanks for fucking up this whole pandemic thing with your buffoonery. I wish I could cough in his face. I would kiss a Covid-19 patient right on the lips if it meant I could sneeze next to the idiot trump ten minutes later. ON THE MOUTH WITH TONGUE. Fuck trump.

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