Friday, March 20, 2020

Sometimes You Understand The Reason For All Your Suffering

It's so you can see this character come to life with some great casting on the best show on TV last year, the Mandalorian. Can't wait to see how Baby Yoda reacts to her and vice versa. It's going to be so great. If we have to die as a civilization then why can't we go out watching something fantastic?

This image was created by Boss Logic.
The only thing he got wrong was the OTHER light sabre.
Ahsoka carried two of them.

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Monc said...

Just yesterday I was thinking that if Ahsoka Tano ever appeared in a live-action production, she would be played by Kristen Bell (of "Veronica Mars" and "The Good Place").

Still, I cannot deny the awesomeness of this casting. I was already excited for "The Mandalorian" to come back, now I'm super-stoked!