Sunday, October 17, 2021

From The Archives Of Cool (Oct 2011)

First of all let me say that I am a BIG fan of Doc Savage. I dig everything from his crazy haircut to his Jersey Shore tan and his team of super agents who protect the world from those dangers only Doc Savage has the abilities to fight.

Talk about a skill set. I could list all his capabilities but that would take up too much room. Suffice it to say that he can do EVERYTHING and he can do it all very very well.

Now here is the point where any conversation about Doc Strange breaks down for me. There is just a part of my brain that cannot get over all those ripped shirts. I mean the man is the smartest guy on the planet and he basically cannot make a shirt out of the same material as his pants, which NEVER seem to rip.

And it's not like he tries to prevent larger tears from continuing once the smaller tears begin - no he has to let is all tear and rip so that he looks like some kind of California beach pirate at the end of each adventure.


I know it's a childish thing to have bother me all these years but it's my one bug up my ass that I never let go of. People have their own quirks. Some say Han shot first and others say he didn't. Some will battle the preference of a Spider-Man with organic webbing over something Peter Parker invented himself - and battle it to the death. Star Wars vs Star Trek. Need I go on?

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