Thursday, October 14, 2021

Injustice (2021)

One of my favorite things about modern video games is that I can enjoy the cut scenes and cinematics that are produced to run between the gameplay to further flesh out the entire story while not having to master the games themselves. Injustice Gods Among Us was one such game that I watched several times because of the subject matter and the high quality of the digital animation. I never thought the next DC Animation feature would be a movie I already knew well.

Injustice is the DC Animation story of what happens after the Joker destroys Metropolis, kills one female reporter and Superman's child. After all the time that Batman allowed the Joker to live, this was one slaughter too much. It broke the Man of Steel and changed his entire attitude towards justice. Never would he have such a tragedy happen ever again even if he had to conquer the entire planet to do it. Of course this put Batman and Superman on opposite sides forever. All the other heroes in the DC Universe had to make their own choice about which philosophy they would following - JUSTICE OR INJUSTICE

Stricken with grief, Superman does what Batman could never do and end the ways of the Joker, forever, and vows to never allow any innocents to suffer again. War will stop or Superman will stop the wars himself (with the help of Wonder Woman). So governments like the United States take the fight to Superman's parents which only further infuriates him.

Batman of course has his principle which further drive him and Superman apart. Without each other to balance each other, things soon spin further out of control. Even Robin is sympathetic to Superman's new attitude and makes a mistake he cannot ever take back either.

So it becomes clear to Batman that Superman has to be defeated at all costs as he slips further and further into madness. The resolution to the story is one I saw coming early on in the film but it was nice to see. But first we had to watch a whole lot of heroes punching each other which can become dull after so many times. But that is a trope that will never be removed from a superhero movie, especially an animated one.

For completists.

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