Monday, October 18, 2021

The Electric Life of Louis Wain Trailer

I love the idea of a movie about the life of this cat artist. He had mental issues and you could see his work drastically change as his mind deteriorated. It's a gloriously visual example of the concept of how the mind works. It's one of the case studies they give you in College psych classes when the topic of  mental illness in artists comes up so I have known about him for a long time. I am glad to see this movie is coming out soon. 

Louis William Wain (5 August 1860 – 4 July 1939) was an English artist best known for his drawings, which consistently featured anthropomorphized large-eyed cats and kittens. Later in life, he was confined to mental institutions and was alleged to have suffered from schizophrenia. This claim is disputed among specialists. According to some psychiatrists, the onset of schizophrenia can be seen in his works.