Monday, December 20, 2021

Olympus Has Fallen

I can't resist a Gerard Butler movie where he plays a disgraced secret service agent who is called upon to save the President when the White House is taken over by North Korean forces. The initial attack is pretty exciting and I was happy to see A&E leave all the gun violence right where the filmmakers meant it to be. I was just happy for commercials so that my butthole could unpucker for a few minutes. I have seen this one only once before and remember it being better than it's contemporaries.

You can get a good understanding of the film just by watching the trailer.

UH OH..some evil terrorist just threw the bullet ridden US flag down off the roof of the White House and it fell to the ground in slow motion to stirring music. NOW the shit gets real. Butler is the lone agent with inside access so only he can save the day by saving the President's son. Makes you proud to be an American even though you aren't one.

I know it's tradition to watch DIE HARD at this time of year but after seeing that one beyond too many times, I choose to stay within the genre and pretend that Olympus Has Fallen is taking place during Christmas. Either way the Spirit of Christmas is restored though the death of many many bad people and some good people as well and isn't that REALLY what the holidays are all about?

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