Thursday, December 16, 2021

Spider-Man No Way Home

The new Spider-Man movie begins ten seconds after the last one where Peter Parker is outed by Mysterio as being Spider-Man. From here he is villainized by some and still a hero to others. But that turns out to be a nightmare when he can't get any life back to normal in life or at school. To deal with the problem he approaches Doctor Strange to make everyone forget he is Spider-Man but not Mary Jane, which is not how these kind of spells work.

Soon all the villains of his past, the Sinister Six, have arrived from other dimensions to kill Spider-Man before Spider-Men cures or kills them. There in lies the beginning of a great Spider-Man movie and an original way to bring all the old villains back to fight Peter. As he defeats each one, he gathers them in Doctor Strange's dungeon in the hope he can send them home eventually. Of course that goes over like a led fart which brings us to a strong Act II and and even stronger finale.

Of all the villains, Norman Osborn the Green Goblin becomes the leader and the other villains aren't too eager to die once again, where they did so in their own dimensions. Of course Peter can't let that happen. Thus begins the battle between Doctor Strange who wants to see the villains die as they should and Peter who wants to SAVE the bad guys. which is a neat twist.

The gags are great throughout like a Spider-Man comic.
Then the twists arrives but you don't want me to spoil them for you.
But you will squeal like a teen girl.

The team-up that results propels the finale into one of the best endings of a superhero movie ever. Every actor is just as I expected them to be and even more so. It feels like I have come full circle in a whole lifetime of being a Spider-Man fan. This film is a gift to all of us. If I never see another Spider-Man for a decade or more I would be okay with that. I am that satisfied with the whole saga from the first live action Spider-Man movie in 2000 to this last one.

Don't miss it.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds excellent! Looking forward to seeing it!