Sunday, June 12, 2022

Balloon Juice Is Back

 In which Cal and MD debate the merits of Christopher Walken as the Padishah Emperor in Denis Villaneuve's DUNE PART 2. We also name drop AVATAR, WILLOW, INDY 5 (and cringe a bit as we remember Shia LeBouf...shudder...) Bad CGI in the SHE-HULKI Trailer and the changes that have occurred in the Comic Book Industry. The art's just not what it used to be, Man! Calvin spins a dream of his own YOUTUBE Channel and waxes about the glory that it TODDLERS & TIARAS, DANCE MOMS, KAREN videos and the always popular AIRPORT FREAKOUT videos. We also weigh in on the gun control debate and ponder what could be the greatest season of SURVIVOR ever: SURVIVOR FROZEN NORTH!!!!!

It's GOLDEN, folks! GOLDEN PATH, Golden!

You can hear the goodness by going HERE.

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