Thursday, June 23, 2022

Balloon Juice Is Back


BALLOON JUICE proudly presents its first QUESTIONNAIRE! These 15 questions were designed to dig deep into your soul and pull from the depths feelings and opinions that weren't meant to be reveled into the light of day! Questions about SANDWICHES! STAR WARS vs STAR TREK! VACATIONS! But also, questions about LOVE, FEAR, LOATHING and LEISURE TIME! Listen as Cal and MD have their deepest emotions stripped raw! As they reveal the depths of their souls and their innermost feelings about love, loss and whether or not a cheeseburger can be classified as a sandwich. Listen as we reveal our secret love for FLOWERS, the SEASONS and how we really feel about SOCKS with SANDALS! Can you listen all the way through this episode as Cal and MD bare their souls, spill their guts and reveal their innermost selves!

You can here the episode by going HERE.

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