Sunday, June 5, 2022

Jurassic Park World Dominion

Once again we take a trip back to the world of Jurassic Park and a world where dinosaurs have run amok and it's up to Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt to save the day. To do that he will need the help of the stars of the past trilogy to finally tell the FINAL chapter (?) of this whole Jurassic Park concept. While it's always nice to see the CGI dinos, the chase scenes don't change much and the movie is mostly chase scenes. I half feel like I have been here before. Let's see if there are any surprises left in that dusty old script. But until the dinosaurs can talk we are pretty much left with a creature feature and after a time it's only more of the same. Just with snow this time.

This time they add a young teen girl to the cast who is a clone of another dead girl from a past chapter of the series. She is being chased after by shady corporate types. WHERE THE HELL is this story point coming from or going? It all makes little sense but I do like seeing the big brontosaurus' in the lumber yard. Reminds me of the Flintstones. They should have the big dinosaurs working to haul heavy logs and stones around. Every time I think about the script they toss in something to dull my senses and keep me watching.

There is also an evil corporation making mutant locusts that eat everything but their own seed. Just another story point to be resolved before the film's end. This film does keep every one busy fighting the evil corporation only from different directions. There is almost too much going on.

I do like they way they refined Jeff Goldblum's speech against genetic engineering and for the natural evolution of life. Give him something to do like he did in every previous film he was a part of in the series.

When did this become Mission Impossible with dinosaurs? I swear, mid movie, everything shifts and of course Chris Pratt can defeat anything dinosaur or terrorist related even though he's in an unfamiliar city with a bad habit of people leaving the keys in their motorcycles just so they can be stolen at the most opportune moment. Then with everyone still split up it's another hour worth of shenanigans before the movie ends. That is a lot of dinosaur chasing going on and a lot of last minute saves. It does tend to get a bit dull. I feel spoiled that I am not more AMAZED by the truly amazing stunts and CGI work that is being shown to me. I don't deserve this movie I think.

Because if I was ten this film would blow the lid off my skull. But I am 57 and despite throwing everything at me, I am unmoved. I feel like I have been to this well before and so will you.

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