Friday, April 27, 2012

AGAIN With The Monkey Pox

I don't travel well. I am always on the verge of snapping on everyone around me. Now I hear that some woman kept people trapped for three hours on the tarmac because there was a suspicion that she had the MONKEY POX?

You would think that they would want to get people off the plane as quickly as possible but that wasn't the case. First they had to confirm the infection before lighting the cabin and passengers on fire to kill the virus. After all, if you have been exposed for the entire flight, what's an extra three hours in the germ incubator? At this point I would just advise the pilot to take off and then dive for the nearest open volcano because everyone is already dead.

How does a stewardess diagnose MONKEY POX in the first place? Is it like measles with all the spots? Would I recognize the symptoms if she was in front of me at the grocery store? Is there a odor that is given off or just oozing pustules?

Luckily for everyone except the woman, she just has bed bug bites - such bad bed bug bites that it was mistaken for MONKEY POX!!! Do yourself a favor and use to the Google to see what Monkey Pox looks like. Don't get on any plane, train or bus if you notice anyone with the symptoms.

Monkeypox is a rare viral disease that occurs mainly in the rain forest countries of central and west Africa, according to the CDC website. Along with a fever, headaches and muscle aches, monkeypox causes rashlike raised bumps on the body, usually first developing on the face.

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