Monday, April 30, 2012

Daily Reminder - Rafe Is Wrong

"As soon as we dip our toes into a cold Pacific tidepool and watch what we thought was a rock turn into an octopus, jetting away in a cloud of ink, we can begin to see the how human adaptability can mimic natural adaptation. The same mechanisms that enabled the octopus’s escape also allow our immune system to ward off new infectious diseases, helped soldiers in Iraq to recognize the threat of IEDs, and aided Google in developing faster ways to detect flu outbreaks."

You can read the whole terrifying article by going HERE.

Of course you would expect me to disagree with all the assumptions made in the article. The writer makes a huge LEAP that the octopus would ALLOW us to study them for their secrets. More than likely they let themselves be captured to study us while telling us lies.

Let me tell you how this all ends - one night, during the Christmas Party, the entire lab supply of cephalopods goes berserk and takes out half a small town.

What's THAT gonna cost ya?

In my opinion the only appropriate study specimen is one that is no longer living. I also have the same preference for late night breaded tentacle snack food.

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