Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lockout (2012)

I must have counted 20 last second escapes within the first five minutes of 'Lockout'. All of them are totally implausible but totally magnificent. This movie is perfect early morning junk movie fare. I enjoyed this movie with pancakes which really should be standard movie food.

High Concept (space prison escape) = full retard on the execution - that is my formula for a successful action picture and this movie comes close in achieving something interesting. That is if you are stupid enough to fortify a space prison with rocket cannons. Of course that only makes it harder on our heroes once they have released most of the prisoners.

Nothing feels deadly here but that is a perfect compliment to all the cartoon violence and stupid decision making that goes on in this film.

This is essentially the latest Snake Plisken in Space movie only with Guy Pierce in the Kurt Russel role.

Pierce has the swagger you need for this kind of story. He takes nothing seriously nor does the film.

6/10 for all the eye rolling I did during one stupid escape or another.

Does anyone undertand how to embedd these trailers without it appearing as one stupid box like it does here?

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