Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet The Bishops or All I Want Is A Happy Ending

Can you do that for me FRINGE? Huh? Can ya? Can everyone just have ONE day or one timeline or one lifetime where everything DOESN'T fall apart? I love all the huge leaps in story that the show is able to take but then they crush me with all the ways they find to hurt the characters I love so much.

For example, last week we met the never seen before daughter of Peter and Olivia from one possible future and it was great to watch how easily she fit into the plot that's been developing for the past four seasons. The 'big reveal' worked because of some smart writing and casting choices.

I need shows like this in my life to keep my brain twisting. There aren't enough fishing shows to keep my grey matter occupied these days as it is. Once again I am ahead of the curve with this post topic. I just read some good news about the fifth season of Fringe.

Fox is officially bringing back its cult-favorite (but ratings-challenged) sci-fi show for a final season of 13 episodes, the network announced Thursday.

It's great that the show will be able to wrap up their story lines in a way that will be satisfying to long time watchers. For once FOX didn't give genre fans the 'ol screwgie.

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Wings1295 said...

I am behind by a few episodes. But I am glad it will be ending next year. Better to end before it is past its time!