Monday, May 20, 2013

The Things I Learn On Tumblr

Detective Comics 517

After Lady Viper turned her into a snake-woman, Babs had to wear a hot-pants variation of her costume, in case she transformed again.

I slightly suspect this is the entire reason the story was written.


david_b said...

Gaaaawd. I hope our favorite Cosplayer Queen never sees this.

Urrg, terrible.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

If she turns into a snake woman then why would she need to wear boots?

Kal said...

I have to find this comic to find out the answers to these questions. Why not just color in the legs? I always look to safety in my female costumes....unless they are alien then show what you got baby.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Also, Batgirl with a Corgi. That is all.