Friday, August 29, 2014

Cool Alternate Comic Covers

The House Of Ideas and Hasbro have teamed up to give fans covers featuring both 3.75″ and 6″ figures paying homage to classic covers. These remind me of the photos they would showcased in the much missed TOYFARE magazine. I have all the originals in my comic book collection. I should do a feature where I open up one of the tubs and highlight some issues. Been awhile since I read anything other than a graphic novel or digital comic. It was so cool to do on my missing IPod. I hope the bastard who stole it likes comic books and cat pictures because that is all that was on there.

Expected to have these variants will be:
· Amazing Spider-Man #7
· All-New X-Men #33
· Avengers #36
· Captain America #25
· Deathlok #1
· Guardians of the Galaxy #20
· Hulk #7
· Legendary Star-Lord #4
· Rocket Raccoon #4
· Uncanny X-Men #201
Deathlok, great old school time travelling cyborg from a dystopian future. The original terminator but he's on our side. Happy to see him on Marvel's Agents of Shield.
Peter Quill, self professed Star Lord and maybe the best hope for a Universe in crisis. Unbelievably difficult to kill, he seems to be the monkey wrench that gums up the works on any scheme or plan that someone has to do destruction. If you are a destroyer of worlds, this is the last Cowboy you want to see in front of you. Does much destruction but since it's in the service of good, it's acceptable destruction and collateral damage. Hangs with aliens just as unpredictable as he is. Short lease for as long as that lasts.
A moment from one of the greatest runs of X-men comics ever. There were not yet 25 X-related titles with half of them staring Wolverine. This was it. If you like X-men in the 80s then THIS title was your crack cocaine.  You read these issues multiple times and know all the story arcs by heart. If you understand what I am talking about then you are my people. I know I wasn't the only one going to the new opening comic book stores for the comics on my 'pull list'. (I know the lingo bitches. My comic book collection is all the proof I need to display my expertise in this subject matter. I wish they had a game show where they could ask me comic book related questions and take home the big money.
I sometimes wish I had a method to sell some of my 'meh' toys and comics to finance some really nice pieces, High graded mint versions of some of my favorite comic stories. My first comic ever, Batman 274 (How Many Ways Can A Robin Die). I want one is as close to 10 that I can get. Sealed in plastic and professionally graded. I would also like graded copies in high mint condition for the Iron Man and Rom comic that I had fan letters printed in.

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