Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is Anyone Watching Taxi Brooklyn?

If there was ever a show that doesn't deserve to be on television it's this one. First of all the title is stupid and just jumbled two words together. The lead characters are a cop who can't drive and a foreign cab driver who can. It's a crime solving match made in heaven.

The program started serious but in the last couple of weeks it's taking on a goofy tone. It's like Castle only it's not. For some reason the combination of the serious and the silly doesn't work all the time. It's so bad in sections that I can't look away and to be fair, pickings have been scarce lately. No really interesting movies or TV shows to watch. I was so bored that I started watching Manhattan but only because of the historical angle.

IMBD calls this one action-comedy police procedural centered drama. YIKES! Trying too hard to be all things to all people me thinks.

The actors are certainly talented and game but the comedy was a jarring tone shift from the first 6 or so episodes. Everyone is so quirky often to their detriment. I don't care about them or their situations because they all feel replaceable. The New York settings are always nice to see. No wonder this kind of show has been a staple on Network Television for decades.

Nothing new here but a passable enough diversion. Cryler (?) Leigh is very attractive, however. She will find other work in television. I see several Lifetime movies in her future.


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