Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Duke The Bionic Dog?

I always wanted this toy after seeing the add for it a thousand times in 70s comic books. I complained yesterday that there was no Bionic Dog figures in the Six Million Dollar Man line of toys but seeing this one I thought it would fit perfectly with my Oscar Goldman doll.
Duke was conceived in 1973 as an idea for children as well as dog breeding researchers. Inspired by porcelain pet sculptures and hollow blow molded toys of dogs, Kenner wanted to create a dog accessory toy that could be posed into running, walking or sitting positions. The dog could also grasp things in its mouth, and be used as a play rescue dog, or play guard dog. The dog was given various accessories, and used by various 1/6 action figure collectors as a more realistic dog accessory


Rod Barnett said...

I had this toy as a young'un! I think I played with him and my Big Jim action figure as a team. Never occurred to me to pair him with Steven Austin.

Kal said...

He would have worked good with Big Jim which is another cool toy line that needs a revival. Those PACK figures are my holy grail figures.