Thursday, August 28, 2014

Goofy Lunchboxes Of The Week



I have a deep affection for these metal character lunchboxes. I am constantly amazed at what images will find their way onto these containers. Some are cool, like my much treasured Super Powers Lunchbox but many make you shake your head. You people don't remember how a crappy lunchbox could haunt you for your entire school career if you made a bad choice back in the day. It was often smarter to just use a brown paper bag and save yourself the hassle and ridicule. I often wish I started collecting these a long time ago. They display terrifically and only become more valuable with time. A good metal lunchbox will always get my attention these days. That is why I love my 30 year old Super Powers one so much. The colors are still bright and it has it's original thermos.

Thanks to Brother Al Bruno III for sending me the link to the other lunchboxes and inspiring this post.


j-swin said...

Imagine the 3 o'clock beating the poor bastard got who brought the "disco" lunchbox to Jr. High because his mom thought it was "groovy".

Kal said...

No the Buggaloo kid got it worse. I would put my lunch in the pockets of my jumper before I would carry that box even to another room in the house.

j-swin said...

Ha! I can see some kid pulling food out of every nook and cranny! Banana in the hood of his jacket, granola bar in the sock.

Cora said...

Best. Post. Ever.

I love old 70's metal lunchboxes too. I've got the Beegees one pictured there and it is sheer awesomeness. I also have Muppets Pigs In Space, Star Wars, and Schoolhouse Rock. I've got some plastic ones too (Mighty Mouse, Smurfs, a lenticular Beegees one, etc), but the metal ones are my favorite. I would love that Welcome Back Kotter one. It's fantastic!