Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice

I can say that I have never seen the death of two parents filmed so beautifully in all my life. We have seen the moment many times before but this time it really hit me just how horrific that moment was in Bruce's life. Then come the bats. Always with the freakin bats.

Now either you buy that opening scene or your don't. If you do then you get what visionary director Zack Snyder is doing. Everything for him is about the shot, the scene, the moment and that often is at the cost of story. He gets this brilliant kind of tunnel vision that is his gift and his curse. I wish he had half the vision if it meant some clarity.

This is an angrier Bruce Wayne, a vengeful Bruce Wayne who has every reason to hate Superman and the destruction he brought to the city and Bruce's life. Bruce is so broken that he has become quite the moody boozer. And a killer who brands his victims if not outright murders them.

The story is dense and moves fast. But we still don't see either hero in heroic action until well into the first hour of the film.

The music is a bit intense. Each piece chosen to reflect a particular mood. The 'lex is bad' overture is particularly overbearing. Just like Jessie Eisenberg's performance. More over the top than Jim Carey in Batman Forever. I hated every single choice he made as an actor. I felt trapped by his performance and I can never unsee what I just saw.

I did like the scenes where Superman appeared to others as a virtual god. That would make sense in a world looking for gods.

After watching Daredevil Season 2 last week I can't believe how bad the Batman in the Dystopia dream sequence looks and fights. The stuntmen appear where they need to be so that a stray punch or a BULLET can hit them. Since when does Batman use a gun? It was like stage choreography and not fight choreography.

The Batmobile car chase was a nice piece of CGI business. Again the effects are all in the dark to make them appear more realistic but we all know the truth. I so wish for some light in the darkness but if I want to be dazzled I guess that is the price I have to pay.

This film could have used a good editor because with two stories to tell, it repeats itself way to often. Too many dream sequences.

The arrival of Wonder Woman is a great moment but totally one manufactured for the story. There is no reason for her to be where she is when she is except to introduce her to the live screen audience. Other members of the Justice League are only shown in passing.

I just realized that both Bruce and Clarke have mothers with the same first name. How did I miss that in 45 years of reading comic books??

Doomsday is just more dark CGI. I really do hate that technique.

Over all this is not as bad as the critics would have you believe but it's not the WOW film I hoped it would be.


Nick Ward said...

An excellent review Cal that echoes so many of my own thoughts. It breaks my heart that this jumbled mess of a film has plucked the eyes out of "The Dark Knight Returns" and served this up to us with a self-satisfied grin. See we made it better. As for the "Hey our Moms have the same first name? I know I was tots hating on you for ages but now we're bestie for ever!" I am disappointed at soap opera dialogue and the crowbarring in of the league members> Zacky is just a bum boy who does whatever the executives tell him he has to do to sell toys. It sickens me that this has done so well at the box office which means this will be held up as a success. Batfleck was great but I just wish he was in something else. In fact I wish he was in TDR.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

And now Snyder is starting the Justice League movie which will be a total mess. I wonder how he will handle the larger team stuff. I hope for more light also. Enough with the dark and gritty.

Rob R said...

I hate that nothing seems truly earned in these films, yet everything is supposed to be super weighty because it's referencing DKR or Crisis on Infinite Earths! Just bums me out...

Rob R said...
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Rob R said...

...and I can't believe how they handled Jimmy Olsen in this film! Zach described this as having "fun" with the character. They truly do not care for the source material!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope they don't screw up the WW movie. It has a different director though, I think?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yes, WW is already in production so that is set. Let's hope just following ONE character is the key. It's just too bad the film let me down.

Chase March said...

That first name thing was brilliant writing. I had never really consciously thought about that before either. I am so glad that is what pulled Batman back and not Wonder-Woman intervening. It was the best part of the film.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I agree with you. I never thought of that before and I have read many a batman/superman comic book. THEIR MOTHERS HAVE THE SAME NAME!!