Friday, March 25, 2016

Daredevil - Episode 12

Watching a baby Elektra take on and defeat three men was another piece of beautiful fight choreography. There should be an award for stunt performers. They must have taken many a stray punch as must have the three main stars. I would love to hear some of their war stories. The fights are fantastic and that is testament to all involved.

And then...the HAND!!

I enjoyed the way they took some time separating the three members of Nelson and Murdock by setting them all on new paths. Karen is a journalist and Foggy will take his lawyer skills uptown.
I enjoyed the way they showed Matt using his senses with just the way he held his head. You could have gone the Ben Affleck movie route but when you see how he tracks their breaths while fighting the Hand, you realize his true powers. After that it's one shot to each one's head and they are DOWN.
That was absolutely thrilling.
Then Elektra returns to finish Stick off which is something Matt will never allow to happen.
Season 3 with Elektra as the Black Sky? Well that lasted all of two seconds. Then she is SAVING him?? This was confusing. I thought she just accepted the mantle. Just like a psychopathic woman to change her mind in the middle of a good killing. That needed a bit more work to be the story punch the creators hoped it would be.
And can we admit that Karen is having the WORST day ever?
And then the Punisher finds the gun vault of his wet dreams. I admit. I squeeeed in my pantaloons just a little when I saw that vest hanging on the wall. Now this sum bitch is going to war.
Then DD finally cuts loose....amazing.
Next Up - THE END

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