Thursday, March 31, 2016

Justice League Vs Teen Titans

Another great example of  DC animation as the movie begins with a battle between the Legion of Doom and The Justice League. I don't know why DC even attempts to make live action movies. Just stick to their animated stuff because it's what they do best.

Using Trigon as a way to get the two teams to fight and save each other made for some nice conflict but this is not as intense as it could have been. Certainly less adult than past animated features but that is a nice breather before The Killing Joke gets released with an R Rating.

In this story Trigon, DC's version of the Devil want to use his human daughter to escape from the diamond prison she kept him in. Of course we know how this one will end and it's a pretty standard journey from start to finish but I enjoyed it. The little character touches were great.

It's so great to watch Damian learn all about teamwork when he is forced to join the Teen Titans by Batman. Of course all of this comes in handy when the Justice League are co-opted by Trigon, the evil father of Raven. Suddenly the adults are the most dangerous foes of our teen heroes.

I like seeing a more grown up Starfire and Nightwing and the relationship between Raven and Damian was fun to watch develop. There is room here to add more Titans if more such films are made. The Titans Universe is full of great villains and allies. I wish they would make the JUDAS CONTRACT which for some reason I remember seeing animated somewhere. It is THE Teen Titans Story and includes a very dangerous Deathstroke and a plan that destroys the Titans from within and gives us a new hero in Nightwing as Robin (Dick Grayson) was forced to abandon his old identity.

If anything this would be a great pilot to a new Teen Titans series. One in which Cyborg and Nightwing can be a part of the adventures from time to time but where Starfire (of all people) is the adult in the situation. I love Damian in anything because he is always ten moves ahead of everyone else and snotty, bratty Damian is the best Damian of all. I am tempted to buy the film just to get he figure. If you do have an odd one laying around because you like the movies but don't collect figures, hit a brother up and let's deal. This is a fun one for all ages because even the demons aren't really that scary. Worth a watch on Netflix or if you but the film, seriously, hook a brother up with that cool Damian figure so I don't have to steal him from the store myself.



Unknown said...

I think Teen Titans on the Cartoon Network did a version of the Judas Contract - but I can't stand that show...

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

So it wasn't the version that I imagine from the comic by George Perez.

j-swin said...

Young Justice was one of the best shows on tv, very sad when it got the axe. Wish they would bring it back.