Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Top 3s - The Next Ten

  • 21:Top 3 ways to exercise/ be active
I like to walk and I want to get back into Fencing. Nothing that will hurt my old elbow and knee joints. Too many people my age think they are younger and more athletic just like in their youth. Even riding a bike is hazardous at my age.
  • 22:Top 3 spirit animals

  • The Puma, The Polar Bear, The Domesticated House Cat

  • 23:Top 3 pet names

  • Tango, Bubba Kush, Admiral Fluffy Von Schoochie Baloo
  • 24:Top 3 books

  • Dune, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lightning (Dean Koontz)

  • 25:Top 3 most used websites

  • Facebook, Tumblr, Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness

  • 26:Top 3 people you last texted

  • Calvin and Machete don't text.
  • 27:Top 3 hashtags you use

  • Calvin and Machete don't use hashtags
  • 28:Top 3 instagram accounts you follow

  • I have only recently gotten on Instagram and I like to follow my favorite people and cosplay girls.
  • 29:Top 3 guilty pleasures

  • Bad movies from the 80s, music from the 80s, garlic stuffed olives.
  • 30:Top 3 summer activities

  • Long sunrise walks.
    Staying up all night around the campfire.
    Swimming in a outdoor pool.


    Debra She Who Seeks said...

    There's nothing like a campfire at night! I like that photo.

    DrGoat said...

    I was into fencing back about 15 yrs. ago too.
    Took 2 years of instruction from a Romanian teacher
    here in Tucson who actually won an olympic medal
    in fencing. The first month or two, my thighs hurt
    so badly I looked like a cripple walking around.
    Much harder than it looked in the movies.
    Top 3 pet names, Cootie, Boris, and Spock. Liked Bubba Kush
    though. Makes a good weed too. Books would be LOTR, The Demon
    Princes series by Jack Vance, and Showboat World also by Jack V.

    Simon B said...

    Concidentally, I've just re-read Lightning for the first time since about 1989. It's not as good as I remembered, although it's very fast-paced and tense and all the timey-wimey stuff is suitably mind-boggling. But it has a really right-wing, gun-nut subtext which I never noticed back in the day and some of it's very cheesy...

    ( Main character, Laura, describing her career as an author: "She was only a storyteller, a weaver of tales, who worked with a loom of language, making a special fabric from words..." )
    Heh heh!

    Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

    I think I missed all that subtext at the time. I just loved the idea of using time travel to save a woman he loved.