Friday, March 25, 2016

Daredevil - Season 2 - Episode 13

Oh there are dark doings involving the Hand and the rage of the Punisher who really lived up to his moniker. I do love seeing all paths colliding so that everyone gets to vent and release all this energy that has been building. It's all very satisfying. Like the best comic book stories this one took the comic book style and replicated it complete with the violence that would be reality in this world of Hell's Kitchen. It's dense and often beautiful storytelling. The Punisher's arc is particularly heartbreaking. You see his path and you know that there is nothing that can change it.

Watching Frank create his iconic look was another sweet moment. Sure he's a killer but her only kills the bad people so that makes him a good guy in my eyes. I can't disagree with his motivations or most of his methods. He does get the job done. Those he makes dead, stay dead.
I love how his arc actually ended on a positive note. The two heroes reached an understanding that sometimes both of their methods have value in the war they fight.
Once again Karen Page is in the middle of the shit and the police just shrug their shoulders and accept that she is not connected in some way.
WOW...the final rooftop battle is epic as both Elektra and Daredevil team up against the leader of the hand to dethrone him. And then the moment we all thought wouldn't happen until we saw you know who, happened.
Of course she will return as the Black Sky. There is no death as Nobo proves.
What the hell was in that sarcophagus? Of course.
So what is my final impression? You can listen to our Geek Fallout Podcast to hear all about that as Daredevil is on our menu for tonight.

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