Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I Am Nothing But Impressed With My Research On 3D Action Figure Printing This Week

These are another example of Kickstarter companies trying to get into the custom action figure business. I like these details on a figure that is only 3 3/4 inches tall Imagine what they do at twice that size. I dream of the day that I could created my own figures and the future is certainly moving in that directions. I can imagine kids that go with your printer that allow you to make a repro-figure of your own like ROM or many others that are impossible to find complete anymore.

Announcing a LEGENDARY Western-Themed 1:18th Scale Toy Line Kickstarter Campaign!
Dallas/Forth Worth — When searching for highly articulated action figures in 1:18th scale, aisle 3C is looking like a modern ghost town these days. Therefore it’s no surprise that a number of small companies are striving to fill the gap for collectors of this action figure scale.

To this end, Chicken Fried ToysTM (CFT) is proud to introduce their Dime Novel LegendsTM (DNL), their first-ever lineup of 3.75-inch, fully articulated, collectible action figures that bring back the essence of the American Frontier West. These 15 realistic reproductions of iconic Western archetypes feature authentic styling and looks, and include numerous accessories and gear that historically reflect the period between 1835 and 1895. This line will be introduced via Kickstarter campaign on October 1, 2016 and will run for six (6) weeks.

The Dime Novel Legends TMlineup will encompass characters drawn from the rich history of Frontier America during its expansion westward. While easily identifiable, these characters do not represent any single person from history, film or literature. Rather, they are an amalgamation taken from the collective imaginations of enthusiasts who have long dreamed of accumulating an entire Western community of cowboys, town folk, lawmen, bandits, and Native Americans from an often ignored and nigh-forgotten part of America’s unique and rich history.

Chicken Fried ToysTMwill introduce these iconic action figures intended for the adult collector featuring 16 points of articulation as part of a Kickstarter campaign beginning October 2016.

Now if any companies want to send me free swag to review when these figures are produced, I would give you a great write-up.


Unknown said...

In a few years, we will all have the ability to scan and print out action figures of ourselves at any scale from the comfort of our own homes. It will be normal to make your own toys. Hasbro will sell the CAD-drawings needed to print out licensed action figures rather than producing them in China. It's a brave new world!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hope I live long enough to create my own ROM Spacenight. Or the BIG JIM PACK.